Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Exhibition photos

White challenge pieces, various artists

Red challenge pieces Deb R & Delys

Council meeting by Juliet, computer print on fabric, free machine embroidered.
Quilted and beaded piece by Zena

3D piece by Margaret F
I've put some photos on my blog too, mainly of my work
Click on the link to visit.
I haven't got any of the opening night yet - hope someone will send some to me or post them.

Congratulations everyone - the exhibtion looked great and we had excellent feedback from visitors.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dimensions - the opening

Dimensions opened at the Nyisztor Gallery, 391 Canning Highway, Melville, Western Australia on Friday November 9th. The exhibition runs until Sunday November 25th. It is open Tuesday to Sunday (NOT Mondays) from 10am to 4pm. Entry and parking are off Stock Road. The gallery used to be a library and has a central lightwell which we had made special white challenge pieces for, and they suited that space very well.
We also had a challenge during the year where we were given some small canvases to create little masterpieces with a red theme. These were displayed together in a seperate area and warranted close inspection.

Dimensions was opened by Dr Geoff Lummis from ECU who was a personable speaker and had obviously spent quite some time looking at the works and researching their subject matter.
I think we have pulled off a very successful exhibition considering we have 22 members with diverse interests. I would encourage anyone interested in contemporary textiles to go and see it - just don't go on a Monday! I hope some other members of our group post photos of the actual opening as I forgot my camera on the night!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dimensions - opening soon!

At our last meeting people brought in their finished exhibition pieces and worked on others. There is some great work appearing - Dimensions should be well worth a visit! We have until 3rd November to finish everything.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Designing Women's Retreat

Each September Designing Women have a retreat at Banksia Springs Dwellingup which replaces the normal meeting day. I could not attend, so I can't say what went on but Dorothy has kindly sent some pics for the blog. Jan organised a pincushion workshop and provided the kits - results above.

There was a parade where everyone had to wear something they had created.

Looks like 9 members were there and some even managed to get some work done (below)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August meeting

This month Helen presented a retrospective of her work. She is a high school art teacher who became interested in textiles as an art form after seeing an exhibition of work by Elizabeth Morley, Annie Rawle and Carol Redlich over 10 years ago, before Designing Women began.
Many of our members have explained how they were influenced and taught sewing etc. by parents but Helen had no strong family traditions in textile related skills. She did, however have a great sewing teacher in high school who encouraged the students to try dressmaking, pattern drafting, etc. which she carried on after leaving school.
Helen prefers to frame her work which made it difficult to photograph well but we all enjoyed and admired the pieces she showed us. Many had to be borrowed back from people who had previously purchased them.

Above: more of Helen's work.

Our main activity this month was to continue working on our white lacey hanging pieces for the exhibition which is coming up very quickly. Some people were also working on their red challenge. 
Although it was rather cold in our eco building everyone got some work done (below)

Nobody except Dorothy brought show and tell this month
 3D spiral mobile and blue wall piece with orchids (right)

We have no September meeting because of the retreat
 but everyone will be busy with exhibition work
which has to be brought to the October meeting.

Sorry, no post for the July meeting as I was not there.

Monday, June 11, 2012

June Meeting

Delys gave a wonderful retrospective of her work at our June meeting. she is well known as a talented doll and jewelry maker in WA but she showed us a fantastic range of creative work from hand embroidery, book making, clothing & accessories, crochet and more. Note the jacket she is wearing, made about 30years ago from wool purchased from Boans department store which was an institution here in the west - long gone, sadly.

Below: Some of the beautiful jewelry pieces Delys brought to show us.

Shrinking Violets was the topic for discussion this month. 2 of the techniques shown were Cloque and Nuno felting. (below) Others were Shrink Magic, Grillon thread, soluble fabrics and fabric manipulation techniqes like pleating, smocking and ruching.

  Red Challenge

Above: by Judith.

More Red pieces by various members.

Above: An important meeting - decisions needed to be made for a group installation - to be part of our exhibition - they came to an agreement eventually! 

Above: Mararet P's gorgeous quilt which was the only show and tell apart from the Red pieces.

Monday, May 14, 2012

May meeting

A big welcome to all of our new followers.
At our May meeting on Saturday, Dorothy led a discussion on holey techniques for textile work  and several members brought in examples to show us. I had to go early but managed to get some photos.  Above: Deb's red challenge - felted holes.

Above: heat gunned holes. Below: some great sample pieces - the bottom right one is acrylic felt, stitched and heat gunned. I think all of these are from Margaret P.

Below: holes between suffolk puffs - again Margaret P 

Below: holes snipped and stitched into nylon dance mesh (you need to stretch the mesh in an embroidery frame before free machine stitching) from Delys.

Sample piece from a Ken Smith workshop with embroidered holes.This is 1 of my samples from 
a Ken Smith workshop - free machine stitched holes.

Show and Tell

Felt vessels by Juliet using wool tops 
and throwsters waste.

Watercolour Geraniums - not sure who did this as I was not there for show and tell - maybe Judith?

I think someone has done a bookmaking workshop but I'm not sure who - great work though!
Please let me know if I haven't got all of the information correct.

In June, we'll be discussing shrinking. Stephanie will present a mini workshop on shrink fabric and I'll bring some of my cloque samples and finished pieces. I'm sure others will bring shrinking examples and it is also the deadline to show at least 1 of our completed red challenge pieces.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ongoing results from a workshop

These pics were sent by Lyn N. She did my workshop on breakdown printing at Fibres West last year and has been not only putting what she learned in practice but sharing as well. The silk scarves were done in her studio by visiting friends - the orange one is still wet but they must have been happy with the results.
Thanks for sharing Lyn!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Liz A, Julie and I went to the opening of Ruth de Vos' exhibition last night.  Highly recommend it.  At the Showcase Gallery cnr Beaufort and Aberdeen Streets in Town from tomorrow to 5 May.  Gallery only open 11 am to 4.45pm on Thurs to Sat.  The quilts are intensely personal yet universal in their themes of children engaging in the world and learning.  I'd love to see them bought for major institutions like libraries, hospitals and anywhere where it's especially important to celebrate the way children can flourish and learn when they are free and loved. We all know that textiles are impossible to price in a way that reflects the skill, time and talent of the maker but in this case that works to the buyers' advantage.  The new children's hospital should have at least one.  Does anyone know who buys art for it?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pomegranate dyeing

Tidying up the garden I collected the neighbour's fallen pomegranates, cleaned out the seeds, and left the skins to dry.  I put one particularly fresh one into a S/S pot in a synthetic bag that had housed my new bathroom taps. Boiled it in water for 30 minutes until the water turned brown.

I cut up a silk top bought cheaply from an op shop to yield two short sleeves and a front and a back.  They'd been washed but that's all.  No pre-treatment whatever. I ironed each of the sleeves then dampened them.  Each was then rolled on the cross around a length of red acrylic yarn (salvaged from unwanted scrap at my local arts centre, Craft House in Menora) and tied tightly into a "doughnut".

Each doughnut was simmered in the pomegranate solution for 30 minutes.  The heat was switched off.  After 30 more minutes, one of the doughnut sleeves was put into a S/S bowl with half a cup of copper solution made by marinating a copper bangle in a 50:50 solution of white vinegar and water for several months. The other sleeve doughnut was left to cool in the original pomegranate solution.

Wet silk rolled around acrylic yarn

Tied in a doughnut

Sleeve 2 Soaked in copper bath after dyeing in pomegranate

Results: the copper soaked sleeve had stronger markings and a darker colour that the sleeve which had been simmered in the pomegranate solution only.