Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Meeting

Show & Tell table:
These amazing felt pieces were made by Deb in a recent workshop she attended. 

This piece features frayed edges and various fabrics - I'm not sure who made it - please let me know and I'll add the name.

Margaret F has been playing with her new Gelli printing plate.

Margaret P has finished her red challenge pieces. We have been asked to bring at least 1 finished red piece to next month's meeting.

 Dorothy's red challenge No 2 - B for Bear.

We've been treated to a retrospective of a member's work every second month - this month it was my turn.
I did a slide talk and brought in some fabric lengths and design work done during my course at Curtin University, which I finished in 1999, as well as some more recent pieces. 

Stephanie presented an interesting mini workshop for us on painted vliesofix. She used watered down acrylic paints to paint the rough, glue side of the vliesofix. It is allowed to dry, ironed on to fabric, then, when it cools, the paper backing is peeled off, leaving the coloured glue layer on the fabric. (make sure you use a layer of baking paper between your work and the iron - you do not not want any vliesofix on the iron!) 
This is a very quick and simple way of adding colour and texture to fabric.

Painted vliesofix drying before it was ironed onto fabric and 3 pieces of batting with vliesofix already ironed on.

The green piece was hand stitched before the vliesofix was applied. The pink piece gives an idea of the texture that can be achieved.

Shapes can be cut out before ironing on to fabric, as above. This has also been machine stitched around the shapes.

Paint was applied to the vliesofix using a Gelli plate - any print method can be used to apply the paint.

This bushfire scene was done with painted vliesofix ironed on, then machine stitched.

Another piece with stitching done before hand. This one is a more open weave fabric which Stephanie prefers. Below: with more stitching added afterwards.

Below: Red challenges in progress. Margaret F.

 Jan O.

I also did a short demo at the meeting on how to post to this blog. I hope to see a few more people having a try soon. 
Possible topics: What textile related things have you been doing, exhibition or book reviews, workshops attended? Pics of your workspace and how messy/organised is it? Techniques you're trying or would like to do. Ideas for future workshops, interesting websites or links to blogs. Prizes, successes or sales. Questions/help.

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Lyn Nixon said...

Hi Linda
Wonderful blog.. Love your pictures and review of the meeting. Looks like everyone is doing some very interesting stuff !