Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Liz A, Julie and I went to the opening of Ruth de Vos' exhibition last night.  Highly recommend it.  At the Showcase Gallery cnr Beaufort and Aberdeen Streets in Town from tomorrow to 5 May.  Gallery only open 11 am to 4.45pm on Thurs to Sat.  The quilts are intensely personal yet universal in their themes of children engaging in the world and learning.  I'd love to see them bought for major institutions like libraries, hospitals and anywhere where it's especially important to celebrate the way children can flourish and learn when they are free and loved. We all know that textiles are impossible to price in a way that reflects the skill, time and talent of the maker but in this case that works to the buyers' advantage.  The new children's hospital should have at least one.  Does anyone know who buys art for it?

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