Monday, April 23, 2012

Pomegranate dyeing

Tidying up the garden I collected the neighbour's fallen pomegranates, cleaned out the seeds, and left the skins to dry.  I put one particularly fresh one into a S/S pot in a synthetic bag that had housed my new bathroom taps. Boiled it in water for 30 minutes until the water turned brown.

I cut up a silk top bought cheaply from an op shop to yield two short sleeves and a front and a back.  They'd been washed but that's all.  No pre-treatment whatever. I ironed each of the sleeves then dampened them.  Each was then rolled on the cross around a length of red acrylic yarn (salvaged from unwanted scrap at my local arts centre, Craft House in Menora) and tied tightly into a "doughnut".

Each doughnut was simmered in the pomegranate solution for 30 minutes.  The heat was switched off.  After 30 more minutes, one of the doughnut sleeves was put into a S/S bowl with half a cup of copper solution made by marinating a copper bangle in a 50:50 solution of white vinegar and water for several months. The other sleeve doughnut was left to cool in the original pomegranate solution.

Wet silk rolled around acrylic yarn

Tied in a doughnut

Sleeve 2 Soaked in copper bath after dyeing in pomegranate

Results: the copper soaked sleeve had stronger markings and a darker colour that the sleeve which had been simmered in the pomegranate solution only.

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Lyn Nixon said...

Hi Margaret I love love love your spirit of adventure and alchemy looks amazing . I look forward to seeing what you create with it