Monday, May 14, 2012

May meeting

A big welcome to all of our new followers.
At our May meeting on Saturday, Dorothy led a discussion on holey techniques for textile work  and several members brought in examples to show us. I had to go early but managed to get some photos.  Above: Deb's red challenge - felted holes.

Above: heat gunned holes. Below: some great sample pieces - the bottom right one is acrylic felt, stitched and heat gunned. I think all of these are from Margaret P.

Below: holes between suffolk puffs - again Margaret P 

Below: holes snipped and stitched into nylon dance mesh (you need to stretch the mesh in an embroidery frame before free machine stitching) from Delys.

Sample piece from a Ken Smith workshop with embroidered holes.This is 1 of my samples from 
a Ken Smith workshop - free machine stitched holes.

Show and Tell

Felt vessels by Juliet using wool tops 
and throwsters waste.

Watercolour Geraniums - not sure who did this as I was not there for show and tell - maybe Judith?

I think someone has done a bookmaking workshop but I'm not sure who - great work though!
Please let me know if I haven't got all of the information correct.

In June, we'll be discussing shrinking. Stephanie will present a mini workshop on shrink fabric and I'll bring some of my cloque samples and finished pieces. I'm sure others will bring shrinking examples and it is also the deadline to show at least 1 of our completed red challenge pieces.