Sunday, August 12, 2012

August meeting

This month Helen presented a retrospective of her work. She is a high school art teacher who became interested in textiles as an art form after seeing an exhibition of work by Elizabeth Morley, Annie Rawle and Carol Redlich over 10 years ago, before Designing Women began.
Many of our members have explained how they were influenced and taught sewing etc. by parents but Helen had no strong family traditions in textile related skills. She did, however have a great sewing teacher in high school who encouraged the students to try dressmaking, pattern drafting, etc. which she carried on after leaving school.
Helen prefers to frame her work which made it difficult to photograph well but we all enjoyed and admired the pieces she showed us. Many had to be borrowed back from people who had previously purchased them.

Above: more of Helen's work.

Our main activity this month was to continue working on our white lacey hanging pieces for the exhibition which is coming up very quickly. Some people were also working on their red challenge. 
Although it was rather cold in our eco building everyone got some work done (below)

Nobody except Dorothy brought show and tell this month
 3D spiral mobile and blue wall piece with orchids (right)

We have no September meeting because of the retreat
 but everyone will be busy with exhibition work
which has to be brought to the October meeting.

Sorry, no post for the July meeting as I was not there.