Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dimensions - the opening

Dimensions opened at the Nyisztor Gallery, 391 Canning Highway, Melville, Western Australia on Friday November 9th. The exhibition runs until Sunday November 25th. It is open Tuesday to Sunday (NOT Mondays) from 10am to 4pm. Entry and parking are off Stock Road. The gallery used to be a library and has a central lightwell which we had made special white challenge pieces for, and they suited that space very well.
We also had a challenge during the year where we were given some small canvases to create little masterpieces with a red theme. These were displayed together in a seperate area and warranted close inspection.

Dimensions was opened by Dr Geoff Lummis from ECU who was a personable speaker and had obviously spent quite some time looking at the works and researching their subject matter.
I think we have pulled off a very successful exhibition considering we have 22 members with diverse interests. I would encourage anyone interested in contemporary textiles to go and see it - just don't go on a Monday! I hope some other members of our group post photos of the actual opening as I forgot my camera on the night!

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