Thursday, June 20, 2013

June meeting

Blue Challenge
We were asked to bring a brown paper lunch bag of blue fabrics, threads, beads, etc. to the June meeting for a random swap (above is what I received from Juliet). The idea is to create a textile piece no larger than 12" x 12" for our display at the August craft fair, using most of the pieces in the bag. Blue, because the fair is run by True Blue Exhibitions.
Can't wait to see everyone's blue creations at the July meeting.

more blue collections

Show and Tell

Iris gave a talk on her recent trip to Africa with the Uthando doll project.
 Above: some of her purchases.

Susie's beautiful scarf made in a recent workshop.

Dorothy's necklace made from silk cocoons.

Karen brought some of her dyed and stitched pieces. I think the felted baskets are hers too.

More wool scrarves, Juliet's decorated blue bag from a previous challenge and a catalogue from the Minnawarra Art Awards.