Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April meeting

Show and Tell
Above: Margaret P's fabulous birds - these are for our bird display at the August Craft Fair.
Below: crocheted poppies by Judith made for an Australia wide Remembrance Day project.

Jan A's knitting with scrap fabric strips on giant needles.

Dorothy's show and tell. She also did a mini demo from the book Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal on using a soldering iron to cut and bond synthetic fabrics. Sorry, I don't seem to have any pics from this.

Below: detail

Jan O's silk painting and stitching workshop

She starts with a watercolour sketch, often inspired by a photo. Then paints a background on silk and starts adding some of the main areas. Sometimes this is done using fusibles and appliqué. The final step is hand stitching to bring out the detail (below)

Jan explained how she uses a drawing app on her I Pad to simplify a photo and get the basic lines correct before transferring it to fabric.

Painting the background.

Some of Jan's work inspired by a trip to Greece and Morrocco.

Jan's impressive thread collection.

We all enjoyed the workshop and seeing how Jan approaches this type of work.

For the May meeting we're asked to bring our completed Animal, Mineral and Vegetable 12" X 12" canvases and I think Juliet will be tutoring a Pojagi workshop for us. The bird pieces will be due at the June meeting.

Delys sent news about the town of Bassendean's arts and events Open Day next weekend. Sounds like a great event - you can find out about it on the facebook page.