Monday, May 19, 2014

May meeting

 The meeting began with a retrospective of Rae's textile works beginning with a hand embroidered doyley (Rae's grandmother taught her hand stitching) then we saw several of her beautiful quilts. Below: Rae's 1st quilt.

Above: Rae soon started designing her own quilts. Below: Kimono quilt, Rae's own design made from her collection of Japanese fabrics.

Below: quilt featuring hand stitched panels designed by Rae and her friend.

Below: more recent work. Quilt fabric dyed with avocado pips and hand stitched (detail at top of post)

Rae is very interested in natural dyeing and recently attended a textile retreat at Ballerat where some of the following pieces on fabric and paper were done.

Most of these pieces were done by clamping natural materials such as leaves and sliced vegetables against fabric or paper and boiling the bundles. She has achieved some gorgeous results.
Below: the purple circles are from thinly sliced purple carrot. The colour is not washable .

Thank you Rae for an inspiring retrospective.

I did a mini demo on needle felting by machine.

My sample pieces. 

Show and Tell
I couldn't stay for show and tell so I'm not sure who did what, but the needle felted piece below is by Juliet. I think she won a prize for it too.

I think the felt baby blanket was also made by Juliet.

There were also several of the animal, vegetable and mineral pieces finished and they are looking great - I won't show them until our exhibition opens in October.