Monday, November 17, 2014

More exhibition photos

Leaf Litter by Margaret Ford. Silk dyed with avocado, onion and purple carrot, cotton thread. Frame by Edgar Arnold.

Rock Pool by Susie Johnson. Silk and Cotton. Right: Indigo Basket by Jan Arnold. Indigo dyed fabric, linen twine, cotton thread.

Fire and Rejuvenation, Dust Storm and Flood Plain by Jan Campbell. Hand dyed cottons, linen, silk and stranded cotton thread.

Paradise Lost by Margaret Perrot. Cotton and paint

Eucalyptus Hangings from left: Silver Dollar by Jan Oldham, Eucalyptus by Delys Brady, Eucalyptus Dream by Juliet Hargreaves, Tumble by Susie Johnson, Boranup by Jan Arnold, Desert Sands by Annette Nykiel, Eucalyptus Marginata by Dorothy Treasure, Silk Eucalyptus by Margaret Perrot.

Marrakesh Meditations by Jan Oldham. Hand painted silk, hand embroidered.

Resampled by Annette Nykiel. Hand dyed sample bags, corded and sewn.

Life 1, 2 and 3 by Juliet Hargreaves. Silk, digital print, machine embroidery.

WA Spring 1 and 2 by Juliet Hargreaves. As above.

Sediment Vessel by Susie Johnson. Sari silk and cotton. Right: Secret Garden by Margaret Perrot.
Vilene, paper, paint and thread.

Blues by Debbie Gugiatti, Felting, free machine embroidery and beading. (apologies for the reflections but it's a lovely piece so I wanted to include it)

Rain Forrest detail: by Juliet Hargreaves. Hand felted wool, silk velvet, machine embroidery.

The exhibition was a success with more visitors and sales than the previous 2. I'll post more photos next time.

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